Be who you are not who the world wants to be Feminist poster

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3 min readFeb 22, 2021

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As testament to their vision for a new retail experience that supports communities and seeks to create change, FRANKIE AND FRIENDS takes accountability to heart. On their site, they publish regular Impact Reports that discuss community support within the supply chain as well as proceed remitted to various causes. It is their unique way of encouraging others to join in their mantra of creating, cultivating and connecting.

The Kamusta Tote and Raquel slip ons made using woven buri leaves at MAISON METISSE


A two-hour creative experience at MAISON METISSEusing Japanese natural dyes revealed a new expression of ethical fashion as an art expression. Founded by multi-faceted artist Adrienne Charuel, MAISON METISSE was envisioned as a retail concept that supports the unique lifestyle, travels, experiences and passions of the consumer. It does not box or confine local, honest, sustainable fashion but instead attempts to explore its many facets. The company also hopes to “honor design, craftsmanship and one spirit: human-made.”

Ginza Kimono made using Philippine silk and natural dyes at MAISON METISSE


The Poupette dress by MAISON METISSE features abstract prints made using natural dyes


For some months now, Manila’s gypset have been upping their lockdown looks with Shibori tye dye tops and dresses from MAISON METISSE. Utilizing ancient resist dying techniques from Japan to create prints on organic cottons, Adrienne marries a love for local fabrics and art forms discovered from other parts of the world. Her pieces are distinctly handcrafted in the Philippines, while reflecting a well-traveled sensibility. Through her personal creations at MAISON METISSE, she is able to integrate Saori weaving technique, macramé, hand embroidery and Shibori dyeing into local garments and wares. If anything, it is living and breathing testament that mindful and conscious creativity knows no boundaries.

Likha Furoshiki Bag at MAISON METISSE


The company set up an Artisan Fund that aims to support communities from Bukidnon, La Union and La Paz. MAISON METISSE also extends aid to women weavers of DAWN (Development Action for Women Network) as well as artisans from the Itneg Tribe. The brand’s light and airy pop-up spaces are must-visits when in Manila. Their current address at the Powerplant Mall is not only home to the unique product offering from MAISON METISSE. It is also an inspired venue for art workshops and intimate tasting immersions of artisanal cheeses, crafted spirits and other culinary finds.

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