Personalized Even a global pandemic couldn’t stop me Graduate mug

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From past digital marketing campaigns. You don’t need to start from scratch for every new campaign. As long as you’ve tracked the correct data, you can judge your previous performance and figure out what worked and what didn’t. Build on this for the next campaign: improve the good, leave out the bad.In fact, businesses need to build a culture of continuous learning. Marketing and sales talent must be encouraged to upskill themselves through courses and workshops to build their digital knowledge. The market, the customers, and the digital marketing tools available are changing constantly, and you must keep up with these changesBecause change is a constant, marketing teams need to enjoy greater autonomy. This will enable them to be agile and to launch marketing campaigns quickly. If the team is sitting around waiting for the go-ahead from somewhere above, you might have already lost the initiative to competitors.implifyMedium and large businesses, especially those spread across multiple geographies, should try to avoid using too large a mix of agencies and tools. Before hiring a new agency/investing in a new tool, check if you can use what’s already being used elsewhere in your business. Use your network, leverage your connections, but do try to avoid the overlaps, incompatibilities, and duplication that may arise otherwise. Save your time and money, and don’t reinvent the wheel.

Keeping these issues in mind should help you navigate your digital transformation successfully. Be smart about what you’re doing and how you’re doing it, and be wary of overdoing things!The author is integrated marketing manager (Asia), Transportation and Electronics Marketing and Sales Center division at 3MRead Also: Why personalisation is the key to boost marketing for individuals, corporate, and small businesses

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Ever since the invention of computer technology, the world is changing every minute at the press of a button. These fast-changing dynamics have generated many opportunities for the young generation in diverse fields such as information, services, securities & defence, transportation, media and many more. Practising digital technology in media has tremendously improved the standards of living in routine life. In the early days, digital technology was meant only for a few developed countries and categorised as a luxurious and expensive approach.

But over time, new inventions and competitiveness around the world have transformed the applications and cost of digital technology for people. The use of digital technology has now become necessary at every stage of life. Looking at the scope and opportunities in the field of digital technology, many individuals and association of individuals have entered into this arena. Delhi-based Naman Arora is one of the excellent entrepreneurs running his business under ‘Data Art Information Technology’. Naman Arora on completion of education initiated his career as a corporate employee, but his instinct was to become a bossman.

Delhi-based Naman Arora is one of the excellent entrepreneurs running his business under ‘Data Art Information Technology’.

He followed to work out for projects that required more improvement through digital platforms. Ultimately, he became a very respectable consultant and established ‘Data Art Information Technology’. Naman Arora has a unique creative quality in making digital strategies to grow any business through app development and management, networking services, web and software development, data classification and analysis. He meaningfully uses the aspects of Google Ads, YouTube, SEO and WordPress for promotion, sales and marketing the products and services.

Moreover, the 29-year old has his school of thoughts. He believes that companies not implementing digital platforms shall not survive because the brand value can only be attained through the application of multiple digital platforms. “Traditional marketing practises are gradually getting outdated and replaced with new technologies. The only way to sustain in the coming years is to stay relevant with the technological advancements”, he said. Such thoughts and skills have made Naman Arora a digital marketing expert, and today his work has been helped him build a clientele all over India and various parts of the world.

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